Acne is a disorder of the hair and oil glands found in the face and upper body. Also known as black heads, whiteheads, spots, pimples or zits. 

Science: At puberty androgens (male hormones) increase the production of sebum (oil) from enlarged sebaceous glands that become blocked. Comedones (follicles impacted by dead skin cells and oil) may be open (blackheads) or closed (whiteheads). Inflammation leads to papules, pustules and nodules.


Types of Acne
  • Facial Acne (for example blackheads and whiteheads)
  • Body and Back Acne
  • Female Acne (Hormonal)
  • Male Acne
  • Acne Scarring
  • Blackheads: forms when a pore in open
  • Whiteheads / White Spots: Form when a pore is completely blocked
  • Pustules: White tipped containing pus
  • Pupule: Also known as Pimples
  • Nodules: Often painful and are located beneath the skin
  • Cysts: Large and filled with pus. Can form scars when squeezed
  • Rosacea: Appearing as a bumpy red rash
Our Acne Treatments

Our acne treatments are carried out using carefully selected, proven products. We use specialist products that only doctors can prescribe or administer. We know how to treat your skin and help you achieve the flawless skin you have always wanted. A multi-combination approach is often used in the treatment of acne, but this depends on your skin and your consultation.


Microdermabrasion: This mechanical exfoliation technique helps to remove dead skin cells from the upper layers of the skin, preventing the blockage of pores and allowing skin to breathe without obstruction. We use a diamond tip to gently remove the outermost skin layers leaving behind fresh, healthy skin. This process stimulates the formation of new skin cells and collagen production. MDA can gives you a deep cleansing by suctioning clogged pores and removing dead skin cells which can lead to dull and lifeless skin, acne, ingrown hairs, wrinkles, mottled pigmentation and poor skin health. This treatment can be combined with a skin peel for brilliant results and a range of added benefits. 


Chemical/Skin Peels: This is a chemical exfoliation technique which helps to remove dead skin cells and eliminate acne. Specific types of chemical peels also have anti-inflammatory properties which can reduce the inflammation and appearance of pigmentation and acne. Having a microdermabrasion treatment added to a skin peel can achieve fantastic results as it will remove all of the dead skin that it created as a result of the skin peel. Here at Dermanoir we have one of the widest range of skin peels available to suit every skin type. We also have a range of combination peels if your skin has a number of issues which need to be targeted.


Prescription Products: Following a consultation with a doctor, we can provide private prescription for a number of clinically proven treatments and products. We can also provide you with the correct aftercare products following a treatment. Some of these products cannot be found at your high street retailers and can only be prescribed and administered by our experts and doctors as they are highly specialised and know which of thee medical grade products will work on your skin.


Cosmecueticals: These are skincare ranges which have been proven popular with the treatment of acne. BAME Skincare products are formulated by doctors and cosmetic chemists. We have powerful potent formulations with high quality active ingredients specifically targeted at reducing the appearance and preventing the formation of acne and pigmentation. 


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